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My rates are hourly rather than per page or per word.  This allows me to charge a fair price to every client.

For most work, the basic hourly rate is $40. The exception is my special flat price for short-story or essay manuscript critiques (see below). On all other projects, I will give you a project estimate and set a maximum charge that the work will not exceed.  In twenty years of freelance work, I have very rarely had to charge a client the estimated maximum, and I have never charged more.

Book editing: I offer developmental editing and line editing of adults’ and children’s fiction and nonfiction. My book-editing experience includes published novels, book-length memoirs, spiritual autobiographies, collections of stories or essays, children’s and YA novels, and scholarship in the humanities and education.

Academic editing: With a PhD in English and substantial experience editing scholarly work, I am well qualified to edit scholarship in the humanities, including dissertations.

Short-story and essay critiques for emerging writers: I offer a special rate—a $40 manuscript critique on short stories and essays of 6000 words or less for writers who want to tune up their work for submission. Since the reading, thought, and writing involved always take more than an hour, sometimes quite a bit more, the rate is below my standard charge.

Drawing from my long experience as a literary editor, I provide a 1 ½- 2-page assessment of the elements of your story or essay (plot, character, event, voice, etc.) that need honing. Though the critique is not a line edit, I will note broad recommendations for style and mechanics, where appropriate.

If your piece is longer than 6000 words, I will be happy to give you an estimate on the additional time required to critique it. Please note that this special $40 rate is not available for chapters of books or for prose pieces over 10,000 words, only for self-contained stories and essays.