“Evelyn has been both an editor and a mentor. She’s provided me with detailed feedback on two manuscripts—character development, theme, setting, tone and style, etc. I’ve very much appreciated her ability to strike a balance between highlighting the strengths of the manuscript, but also pointing out the weaknesses in a straightforward, honest fashion. Without telling me how to change the manuscript, she has provided me with a level of detail that allows me, moving forward, to significantly improve the manuscript. As a new writer, I’ve learned to count on her insightful comments into the craft of writing—building tension, using action as a means to describing a character, enhancing setting and a sense of place, increasing action as a way to move the story forward. The detail and thoughtfulness in her critiques feels very much like a gift. With her guidance, I’m certain I’ve become a better writer.”

—Elie Axelroth, Author of Thin Places


“She is a writer’s dream: smart, kind, supportive and über-professional.”

—Mia Alvar