Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Evelyn Somers, and I have been an acquisitions and prose editor for a highly respected literary journal for over 25 years. You can take a look at that wonderful journal here. Most of the prose in its pages is text that I personally edited, often working with authors on revisions to bring their short stories, essays, and reviews up to our very high standards.

Shorter work I have edited has been reprinted in The Best American Short Stories, The Best American Essays, The Best American Travel Writing, The Best American Science and Nature Writing, The Pushcart Prize Anthology, The Best American Mystery Stories, The O.Henry Prize Stories and other major prize anthologies.

Books I have edited have won the John Simmons Award Short Fiction Award and the Drue Heinz Literature Prize and have been published by small presses, commercial presses, academic publishers and some by their own authors.

You can read a sample of my own writing here, or here, if you are interested.

As an editor I believe that close attention,  and a questioning perspective are essential to helping all writing find its best final form. Editing is a collaboration, and the writer’s opinion matters. If any editor brags about “ripping into” or “tearing up” your work, stop and ask whether that person will listen to what you are trying to say.

Quality editing does not trample and shred, though it sometimes makes some really smart cuts. But first, it listens, focuses, molds. Every writer deserves good editing, and each writer I work with gets the best from me because I really don’t know how to give anything else.