Let’s talk about your book edit or critique

Whether it’s a novel editing project, a memoir, dissertation editing, critiquing a story collection, writing website copy, helping to write and self-publish a family history, or something else, if you are committed to your writing project, I am interested in knowing more about it. I have helped writers at every stage of their careers, from absolute beginners to seasoned writers with many published books.

Each project is unique, and every writer’s voice is individual. For this reason, I don’t ask you to fill out a form. I doubt your writing fits a standard template!

If you are interested in retaining an experienced book editor, it starts with a good conversation about your unique situation. You can contact me easily by e-mail at evelynsomers13@gmail.com. I will respond quickly and give you a free estimate, with absolutely zero pressure, tailored to your individual endeavor.

How does my editing service work? It’s very straightforward. Once you’ve told me what you are working on, I’ll ask a few questions and request some sample pages. After I’ve read the samples and reviewed what you’ve told me, I will give you an estimate for your individual project. If the terms are what you are looking for, we can talk more about your goals and timeline. Every estimate comes with a guarantee that it will not exceed a stated maximum charge.

Editing is a joint effort. That’s what I have loved about it for many years. If you are looking for collaboration and a comfortable fit at reasonable rates, please contact me.  Even if we don’t end up working together, I believe good things always come of these conversations.